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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to Canada

Back in Canada in my own room, in my very own bed with my Costa Rican flag spread across the frame! Brazilian flag is on the other side ;) 
My wild journey had come to an end when I ran completely out of money while traveling. Thankfully I had some great friends looking out for me back in Costa Rica feeding me and giving me a place to crash before my final flight back to Ottawa. My last night I had big plans to go out, see everyone and give away all the hugs I had left in me! Unfortunately after a dinner with Clint and Marcy I passed right out on the sofa too exhausted to be bothered to go out on the town. At that...none of us had set an alarm clock so as usual it was me and Marcy in a race to get to the airport on time- half asleep. We were singing "Give me everything tonight" -pitbull it had been our pump up song for 6 months virtually, to work out, to get ready for a night out, to dance, to wake up too. We attached such awesome memories to it. We said our goodbyes and parted ways (hopefully not for long..my rastas!!)

I literally tore through the airport after my 3rd or 4th flight landing in Toronto, security was stopping me at every corner asking why I was in such a rush and checking my passport and asking me if I had an illegal substances...jesus!! Until the moment I'd been waiting for, after the longest journey of my life to count, I got to jump into my dad's arms and that was the moment I could finally relax, feel comfortable and stop being super woman. I could be Jess the kid for a moment and it was priceless. I saw my sister again too which was awesome. Around the end of August she came to visit me in Costa Rica for 2 weeks and that was a cool experience. Basically I ran out of money at a perfect time and was eating a turkey dinner with my mom (who cried like a baby seeing me again :) ) on Christmas day.

I've been home almost 2 months and time has really flown. It was anything but easy transitioning back into life here. I wouldn't say I have fully transitioned or that I ever will again. I'm changed, life's different for me now. I saw things, felt things, experienced life in a magical way while I was gone and I won't ever lose the way I look at the world. Sure I had about 7 bucks in my bank account when I got home, and I still don't have much..constantly looking for jobs and doing whatever I can do make a buck, but I am happy. I don't need much so I feel pretty fortunate to have a roof over my head and food in my belly every day not to mention being able to train whenever I want at oama and it's 5 minutes walk from my house.

I won't be able to say it enough but thanks to everyone who helped along the way. Friends, Family, those of you I met a day and will continue to keep in touch with until our time is up! All the couches, beds, floors, hammocks and cushions, hotels that were offered for me to sleep on. All of the home cooked meals you invited me to eat in on or treated me too (Deb you make the best soup I've ever tasted!) You guys all supported and believed in me the whole way through. All of the academies who taught me a little something here and there I broke through some walls when I was traveling and this will always be a part of who I am. I have never laughed as hard, seen such beauty or felt so crazy in my entire life. Can't wait to do more in the future!!

Costa Rica

C A N A D A.... 2012 is going to be a big year!
New Years back in Canada with my sis

We've all got dreams, big or small. We all have the power to make them a reality. When I say I felt crazy on my trip I mean that. I felt like I had the power to get what I wanted because I was so positive and spread so much love which was all shared right back at me. The laws of attraction...smile as much as possible, laugh til you're cramping, hug people, kiss people, show the people you love some affection. AND if you're not laughing enough in a day...get someone to tickle you-it's as simple as that.

xo  besos y abrazos por todos!
favorite shot of clint! 
AA girls represent! Rasta Marcy Gabby!
Marcy me and Pri pura vida
One of my favorites with Deb, Becky and Marcy! xo

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