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Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Brown Belt Profesor Kim Cuervo from Rio de Janiero, Brazil (in the Gracie bloodline) is in the process of opening up an Academy here in Medellin. At the moment he has a great space set up about 20 minutes from where I am located. Hostel Casa Kiwi -http://www.casakiwi.net/ the nicest and coolest hostel I have ever been too! I trained once at Kim´s gym last week and it was awesome. We started with a warm up and a serious of 20 attacks from the guard position. I was such a mess trying to remember what came next as everyone drilled away, Kim was patient and helped me find the flow. All of the techniques led into each other beautifully and I think it´s really important for ME to reinforce my attacks from the guard. We drilled some half guard, keeping the opponent on their back with the gi grip under the furthest shoulder, pressing your shoulder weight across their face. I love half guard, but once again it´s a matter of repetition. If you want to be good at something, you´d better start practicing 1,000 times per day! Something that happens WAY to much to me, happened in class with Kim. My partner just rolled me right over and I had to base to stop it. In that very moment when your opponent goes to roll you over no matter what the size, that is THE opportunity to release your leg (passing the half guard) passing that leg out wide and switching the hips to slide into a tight cross side. This week will be my last week of training here in Medellin, so I´m going to push myself hard. Tonight I´m heading to GracieK to check out some MMA and train BJJ and tomorrow heading to GB for the lunch class! Hopefully I´ll remember to take some pictures tonight with the guys at GracieK!!

 Last week I managed to take a few of Kim´s night classes along with a cross fit class. We worked a lot of passing the half guard on top and he gave me some tips here and there to work with. A very talented, young and smooth BJJ practitioner named Yiyo Moussa was promoted last week to purple belt! Congratulations to you Yiyo as well as the entire team. Here is a link to see the promotion!! I am glad that I got to give him a well earned slap on the back with my belt :) It was a first for me and a great way to welcome him back!!


We did a lot of drilling to practice passing half guard and even played a few games of real chess. I was so confused when we did the exercise as a group haha it just wasn´t clicking, and then we did our own games with 1 other partner and it was a great way to really think about what you were doing.

Over the weekend a few of us got together to help clean up the new academy that is now officially open!! Endless laughs joking around with the mops and different cleaning styles it was a nice way to contribute to the hard work Kim has put in day in and day out. The space he now has is amazing. For those of you who know Rio Connection ( I will be headed there soon to check it out!) It is a similar idea right in Medellin.
If you´re interested in trying some classes check him out on facebook:                http://www.facebook.com/graciefusion
or e-mail graciefusion@hotmail.com if you have any questions about the new location and class schedule!!
Los horarios quedaron asi:

de lunes a viernes
BJJ 9 AM - 10:30 AM
BJJ infantil 5 PM - 6 PM
MMA 6 PM - 7PM
BJJ 7 PM - 8:30 PM
open mat de 12 PM - 2 PM

Also something really fun I got to try was pole dancing! Juanita and Charlyne will be offering classes which is now located right in the same building! Ladies interested, I suggest trying it out!! It was so much fun and I never realized how much core strength as well as hand strength you need. I will definitely be taking more classes back in Canada when I return it was so much fun and so sexy...I just need a TON of work!
Kim Cuervo´s team in Medellin, Colombia
guys rolling

Kim welcoming Yiyo back to Medellin after he received his purple belt in California!
prepare for the beat down!
and start running!
sexy mop kim!! jajaja
el amorrrr!!! jajajja
Kim has put a lot of time and effort getting this academy up and running day and night. Congratulations for all your hard work, dreams to reality Kim, the first of many of your plans I am sure!!
Kim and Carlos- stolen pic
cleaning the new academy!

New Academy up and running!
What a hard day...cleaning and looking at a bunch of guys with no shirts on...man I have a tough life ;) !!
First night training at the older location
Team GracieK 

group barbeque!
Me, Yiyo, Jamie, Dami!!
Charlyne and me

To end it off with my last shot in my hostel Casa Kiwi